Reasons why low blood pressure attacks your body

What is low blood pressure in normal terms ? We can say, the fall of systolic blood pressure below 90 millimetres of mercury or diastolic blood pressure falling below 60 millimetres of mercury. You know why low blood pressure is not good. For obvious reasons, it causes chest pain, breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, back pain, fatigue, tiredness, fever and much more. It’s important to prevent low blood pressure. For that you need to know the influential reasons.

* Hypovolemia, which suggests the reduced blood volume level is the main and one of the most common causes of low blood pressure.

* Low fluid intake or loss of fluids in extreme amounts through diarrhea or vomiting often leads to Hypovolemia, which is again going back to square. Low blood pressure is certain.

* Widening of blood vessels is called as Vasodilation. It happens because of the relaxation of smooth muscle cells. You know that blood flow will automatically get slow if the blood vessels become large in size.