Real women on what they felt on seeing penis erection for first time

Erection looks like a magic. A man can easily be judged to be in horny state with the increase in size of a penis. Boys can’t escape the embarrassment. Ever thought what girls would be feeling when they see a tiny things enlarging itself within seconds? Here are some selected reactions from a survey.

“God, is that a snake? Looks like one. This was my instant reaction when I saw it for the first time in internet”.

“Well, it looked like a diseased finger. Like a finger got swelling”

“I thought penis could be much below to the thighs like a vagina. You can’t assume seeing pictures on internet”.

“It was like a magic. I saw my boyfriend’s changing the gears in seconds. Wonder how that hapoens”.

“In real, it looks very different from what we hear and read in internet. But that was just a weird experience”.

“How could a small thing turn a giant like that? Just because the blood flow increases. Miracle”

“I was not into porn regularly. So my first clear and proper sight was seeing my neighbour naked. I was very much confused to see what happened infront of my eyes”.

“Have been seeing it in the movies. But watching it real made me feel really good and of course horny. Enjoyed what I saw”.

“I was wondering if it turns hot after erection. I guess it right. I felt the hotness”.

“I want to be a man for one day at least. I want to feel what a boner is. A great sight indeed”.