Rashi Khanna denies undergoing liposuction

Weight is a serious concern for poeple in tinsel town. They can’t neglect even an extra kilo and not an extra calorie. They need to picture perfect. Especially actresses are judged on their looks and shapes no matter how hard this bitter truth sounds. Raashi Khanna had to face severe criticism over her chubby figure a year ago. It is heard that she even lost a big offer like “Rangasthalam” just because of her weight.

Raashi has taken this over weight issues so serious that she immediately started undergoing vigorous exercise and nutrition to lose weight. She went to through a special gym course and diet to reduce body fat. Now you can see the results in the promos of Touch Chesi Chudu and Tholi Prema. Rashi looks much fit and gorgeous.

But a speculation started that Rashi has taken help of liposuction to lose weight. But Rashi clearly denied the rumors. Going by her words, she has lost all the weight hitting gym and hasn’t gone with any short cut routes. She suggests people who have any doubt can go through her Instagram posts.

In case if you don’t know, liposuction is a medical process to reduce body fat and weight. Noted actors like NTR and Manchu Vishnu have reportedly undergone this treatment before.