Ramya Krishna broke up with Krishna Vamshi ?

The marriage of Ramya Krishna and Krishna Vamshi was bit unexpected thing to happen since not many knew that they were in love. It is said that the actress and the director developed feelings for each other during the shoot of Nagarjuna’s Chandraleka. But the couple kept their bonding a secret revealing what they they are up to only during the time of marriage. They are believed to be in good state of marriage relation but do you know that Krishna Vamshi and Ramya Krishna aren’t living together these days ? Here started a speculation of their separation.

But contrary to rumors, they are not separated. Ramya Krishna and Krishna Vamshi are still in their marriage. It’s true that Ramya Krishna is residing in Chennai not Hyderabad these days but that’s not because of break up or separation. Ramya is in Chennai for professional space. The 46 year old actress told this by herself in a recent interview.

“We both are matured. We aren’t young to romance behind the trees. He is busy with his work and I am with mine. It’s great to have a husband like him who supports my career. I am in Chennai for my work and he is Hyderabad for his work. We talk regularly on phone, I go to Hyderabad and he comes to Chennai whenever there is time. We are happily in a married relationship” says the Sivagami of Baahubali series.