Ram realised his mistake ?

There is no place for rotten, beaten to death films in Tollywood anymore. There is no point if any stardom less actors attempts one which falls into mentioned category. Nani, who is very much aware of his strengths and the demands of audience, has been rightly catering what public wants from him. That’s why, he stands tall from the contemporaries of his league.

On the other hand, there is Ram Pothineni, who has been repeatedly committing mistakes and letting Nani to overshadow him, who actually started his career quite late when compared with Ram. Nenu Sailaja was a breath of fresh air after a dud like Shivam. After delivering a blockbuster, Ram has again lost the flow with over the top Hyper.

Better late than never, the actor has reportedly realised his judgement failure. After several sessions of deep thinking, Ram Pothineni is about to stop doing masala entertainers. The actor now wants to go with strong threads in the script.