Varma takes a wise decision on Shiva-2 !

Ram Gopal Varma debut film Shiva is a classic in TFI. It was a superhit in Tamil as well as Hindi. Shiva has brought many changes in the film making. Several film makers were inspired by the film making techniques in Shiva. It is tough to recreate the magic of Shiva now and it is a known fact. But Akkineni Nagarjuna said that he is ready to act in Shiva sequel if Ram Gopal Varma is ready for it. He made this comments in the Shiva to Vangaveeti function.

Many people thought that Varma will plan for a sequel as he got a green signal from Nagarjuna. But Varma clarified that he did not want to make a sequel to Shiva. He said that the situations were different when they made Shiva and they are completely different now. So there is no need to make a sequel to Shiva. But he said that if Nagarjuna is really keen on doing a film then he will do an action film with him.

Social media responded positively on Varma’s clarification. They are saying that Varma took a good decision not to touch the classic. Because many audience feel that recreating the magic of Shiva with a sequel or remake is almost impossible. What say folks ?