Ram Charan to conduct campaign for Janasena

Megapower Star Ram Charan has been sticking only to his work for a long time now. There are no controversial comments on media, no road controversies and no aggressive comments. He hasn’t been feeding anything sensational to the media. But he would do that soon?

Filmnagar is abuzz with the rumors that Ram Charan might participate in election campaign for the Janasena Party. Anyhow, Chiranjeevi is inactive in politics and would not be participating in the upcoming elections from the side of any party. Chiranjeevi will stay occupied with films. The other way around, Pawan Kalyan will become inactive in film industry and will be active in politics.

Despite of the political cracks between Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan still holds the same rapport with the Powerstar. So, there is a possibility of Charan extending his support for Janasena in the forthcoming assembly elections.

The question is, will Pawan show any interest to add cinema glamour to his campaign? Is Pawan himself not enough to pull crowds? Even if Pawan permits Ram Charan to come out and speak, how effective an inexperienced like Ram Charan will turn out?