Raai Laxmi suggests how to do lip kissing

As many romantic poets said, kissing is an art. Not everyone masters the art of kissing. Many things are involved in a perfect kiss. Two confident faces, two healthy lips, good breath, no body odour and so on. Kissing isn’t as easy as many think. Now understand how this private act is possible to implement infront of a bunch of people and facing the camera. Understand how embarrassing that would be if one from the two makes a mistake on the sets. If kissing is hard, performing a kissing scene is the hardest.

Raai Laxmi, who performed quite a few kissing scenes in her upcoming erotic thriller Julie 2, is now suggesting some useful tips on how to perform in a kissing scene. Laxmi says that one needs wash the mouth thoroughly if he/she has a habit of smoking.

Secondly, having a chewing gum before a kissing scene would help to reduce the bad breath, if in case there is any such thing. At the same time, there should be no body odour. And finally, actors should forget the premises and ignore the presence of crowd while shooting a kissing scene. They must get involved into the characters.

That’s all what she had to say. Anything helpful?