Puri Jagannath’s short film with a nude girl

Puri Jagannath belongs to the famous Ram Gopal Varma camp. The mafia background stories, the reckless attitude and the boldness, Puri Jagannath has almost got everything his teacher has. Following his guru in another line, Puri Jagannath is going make his YouTube debut with a short film titled “Hug”. The star filmmaker has launched the first look of Hug yesterday. The poster has grabbed so much attention in internet already for an unusual reason.

A girl is seen hugging a large tree all naked. How rare is that. An actress is completely nude on a poster. If you remember, Ram Gopal Varma brought nudity into short films and web series in India with his “Guns and thighs”. Now his student Puri follows him. Wonder what would be the reactions of audience of watching the nudity in a Puri Jagannath short film. The short film will be available from 10 am December 31.

In other news, Puri Jagannath is also busy with Mehbooba which has his son making debut as a lead actor. The director is next expected to start a film with Balakrishna despite delivering a big flop like Paisa Vasool with the actor.