Puri Jagannath challenges media on drug case

Tollywood is in heat with the summons issued by Telangana excise department to 14 celebrities who are allegedly using drugs and are connected with drug mafia. Puri Jagannath’s name is in the front line and even his friend cum business partner Charmi is said to be involved. While one after one, including Subbaraju, Nandu and Navadeep are disagreeing with thier connection to drug mafia, Puri Jagannath has reportedly made an unexpected and unusual statement with media people.

It is rumoured that Puri Jagannath has spoken to few of his close persons in the media and challenged them to be as bold as he is. It is said that the filmmaker admitted using drugs and his link ups with drugs distributors. Adding more, Puri Jagannath asked the journalists if or not they are daring enough to write about it, if in case he reveals the names and all other details about this drugs issue. By the reports, the star director is in thoughts of coming in front of media and expose every face involved in this.

Filmnagar is abuzz with the rumors that a star kid is also a drug addict and the star father is trying his best to rescue his son from the attention. Well, nothing can be hidden in this circumstances. Without any big delay, the Telangana Police will soon reveal those sensational names. Get ready for some surprises and some shocking revelations.