Praveen Sattaru bags 4 new projects

It’s just a point of time, destiny takes you somewhere else, a place which you dreamt of. Director Praveen Sattaru is living his dream right now. Better late than never, Telugu film industry has finally recognized the brilliance of this filmmaker. His mission PSV Garuda Vega might not have hit the bull’s eye, speaking only boxoffice, but the thrilling moments he has created in the film earned him the attention of big eyes. He has 4 new projects under his belt.

To start with, Nithin recently announced a film in the direction of Praveen Sattaru. Anyhow, Nithin will act as a producer for sure but it’s undisclosed whether or not Nithin will play the male lead. The second project is prestigious Pullela Gopichand biopic, which will star Sudheer Babu. The film is Telugu – Hindi bilingual to be produced by Bollywood A listed production house Abubdantia Entertainment.

Nani has reportedly listened to a script narrated by the filmmaker and has already given a commitment. This would be get started after Praveen completes the film with Sudheer Babu. Details about the fourth project are yet to known completely. It is heard that a new production house will bankroll that venture on a very big scale with a crazy star.

So, this is how PSV Garuda Vega made Praveen Sattaru a bankable filmmaker overnight.