Prabhas eating 40 eggs daily in Breakfast

It looks like, Hero Prabhas is leaving no stone unturned to get that beefed up look for his princely role in ‘Baahubaali’ and the actors is reportedly consuming 40 eggs in breakfast, to put on weight much faster. Along with heavy-loaded works out for 6 hours a day, the actor is binging huge quantities of non-vegetarian food, to fit into the role of warrior king

Prabhas gained 20 kgs for Bahubali movie by eating too much of fat. The tall hunk who used to weigh 82 kgs earlier has trained rigorously for six months to get into the desired shape for the movie. It all began last summer when Prabhas visited the USA where he interacted with wrestlers of WWF to get a hang of their training regimen.

He was so attracted with the equipment and placed it in own home like his personal gym. Prabhas hired a Hyderabad based body builder to prepare him for the next film unlike other top heroes

He works out for approximately six hours daily with various fitness techniques focusing on different muscles of the body. Prabhas has been on a very strict on diet regimen and according to source his breakfast includes 40 egg whites (half boiled) blended and added with protein powder every day.

Since he know the movie could go down as ‘one of the best roles’ of his career and giving his best to make it believable and perfect. Whoever said, T-town stars don’t go that extra mile, to get into the skin of their characters, just think again