Pornstar becomes No.1 after her death

One of the most profolic names in the porn industry, August Ames left this world 12 days ago as you have been reported. The porn Superstar committed suicide on August 5th as she was unable to tolerate online bullying from Twitter users.

In case if you don’t know, August Ames rejected doing a porn film with a gay man. Later, she tweeted a pity tweet for her replacement who is going to involve in sexual activities with a man who previously performed with a gay man. Twitter users felt offended with August’s tweets.

They have taken her tweet as an insult to gay community. But in reality, she avoided doing such thing on health grounds since gay men are more prone to STD’s. Although she tried her level best to tackle the heat by proving the point they she herself is attracted to girls and she can never insult gay community.

Despite desperate efforts to control the hatred, Twitter users continued the same bullying. August Ames went into depression and has committed suicide. Police and doctors confirmed her death.

A 10 days after her death, she has now become the No.1 pornstar in the world. People started watching her videos even more after her death. Her death made her even more famous. She is now bringing lakhs of clicks for pornhub. A fact but weird one right? By the way, she has thrown Mia Khalifa to No.2 position.