Poonam Kaur demanding 50cr from Pawan Kalyan.?

Nothing is going good with Pawan Kalyan these days. There is hardly a year and half for the assembly elections and the star is yet to make a political stand. He is yet to build a loyal cadre for Janasena. Besides, he has been in news for all the wrong reasons that would hurt his goodwill. There are some serious allegations floating in media which includes his relationship with actress Poonam Kaur.

Kathi Mahesh has badly hurt his image. The critic publicly asked Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur to clarify on thier relationship with a series of 6 questions. Pawan of Poonam, none of them has denied being in a relationship. None of them has answered to Kathi Mahesh’s questions. This approach is raising doubts over thier bonding. It is also heard that Poonam Kaur internationally provoked Kathi Mahesh to bring the scene into public.

If whispers in Filmnagar are to be believed, Poonam Kaur is demanding 50cr from Pawan Kalyan to remain silent on the controversy. Although the silence is still hurting Pawan Kalyan’s image, it is better than anything more controversial. If this whisper is true, Kathi Mahesh’s allegation is true automatically.

Was Pawan really in relationship with Poonam Kaur? Did he really ditch the actress and she is now intentionally playing the game using Kathi Mahesh? A crystal clear answer from Poonam would really be appreciated. That would clear the rumours. But why on green Earth she is maintaining the silence?