Police case on Patas

The posters of Klayan ram starrer Patas are worrying the actor, director, and other members of the movie. Read out..

As per our sources, complaint was lodged in Chaitanyapuri police station stating that Patas movie poster insults the National emblem. A petitioner named Rajashekar was filed against Pataas movie makers alleging over the inappropriate usage of our country’s ‘Three Lion emblem’ in the title logo of Pataas movie.

He also expressed worries about Kalayan Ram’s role in the film.In spite of playing cop role in the film he indulged in some obscene activities which might misguide the youth;He opined.

Kalyan ram smoking posture on the poster as well as the half naked lady standing covering the three lions of the emblem can all misguide the youth he added.On the other hand, irrespective of these, the film is continuing its dream run and doing well at the box-office.