Pic Talk : Stunning cleavage show at the age of 43

Attending her 13th Cannes film festival, the ever graceful lady Aishwarya Rai stunned the international media with her breathtaking appearance. Despite of Deepika Padukone’s presence at the festival the veteran actress stole the show. Even Rihana couldn’t match the hype what Aishwarya has generated at the event.

The world has a question, when would she age? She is 43 and we can’t believe that someone can look such dead gorgeous even in close mid 40s. Besides, the cleavage flaunt. It just added the fuel to the fire. We don’t see anyone marching her hotness even if we consider the younger lot.

Slay woman. You are the most gorgeous female to walk on this planet. This red carpet is just another platform to make the female world feel envy.