Pic Talk: Ileana set ablaze with her assets!

Guys! Just hold your breath as you might have many times seen her curves but this could strongly riddle males’ neural system with bullets. We are talking about slender waist girl Ileana as guys have always adored her v shaped navel sight for years on the screen but they don’t know there is even more a diamond treasure under it. After enthralling the Telugu audience for more than five years, Ileana entered the Bollywood as a simple girl in ‘Barfi’. Though she won accolades for her role in the movie, Ileana quick to realize that the simple next door girl image won’t do any good for her career in Bollywood.She sheds all the inhibitions and increased glam quotient which was most required to be in B toen.Ileana was recently spotted in a two-piece dress which set the tongues wagging in tinsel town. The most kiss worthy part is her navel sight following her curvy line where her v shaped waist and escorting erotic groin dared to pat on those horses. There’s one thing that we can’t deny and that is, Ileana looks hot in whatever she wears.