Pic Talk : Braless heroine exposes her ni*ple

The bold Radhika Apte does it again. After frontal nude scenes for a short film, and topless sex scenes for a movie called Parched, the fearless Radhika has gone braless for a candid photo. You may get surprised, but the 31 year old Balakrishna heroine has literally flaunted her nip*ple in a black and white photo.

This isn’t a leaked one, or an oops moment shot without Radhika’s permission. This pic was actually posted by the actress herself and then she deleted the pic, after receiving criticism from Instagram users for her bold act.

May be, this is first the first time, an Indian actress, who is well known, has gone this bold by posting her wet pic revealing a nip*ple. Now, that is Radhika Apte for you. Remember the name.