Pawan’s ex wife message on women’s day

Actor turned filmmaker Renu Desai is quite active on social media. She doesn’t shy away to voice out her opinion on anything that concerns her.

However the summary of her social media updates bear lot of sense and the facts of life. Recently she spoke about banned BBC documentary and her comments turned bit sensational.

Now on the eve of women’s day Renu came up with an interesting tweet that bears lot of meaning and sense.

This is what Renu mam posted on her social media handle:

“Rapes, Dowry Problems, Female Foeticide, Girl Education, Domestic Violence, etc… So many issues bother us still!!! Wish each other a true Happy Women’s Day, when at least one problem from this list is solved. Miles more to go before a genuine Woman’s Day is celebrated…!”

There is definitely no denying to what she says, agree? She also posted another interesting update – “I will love you forever” ~ little did he know that ‘forever’ is a myth”.,..Dont you know to whom she referred on second tweet.