Pawan Kalyan puts Mahesh Babu into trouble

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s 23rd film is progressing greatly with some pace. The unit is on a mission to complete this bilingual by January. Two months from there will be more than enough to carry on pre production works. So, Mahesh – Murugadoss film would get completely readied in some part of March. But what next ?

Right from the beginning, ARM has been keeping that March last week in mind for releasing this high budgeted movie. That period offers some free run for the movie in both Telugu and Tamil languages before the mighty Baahubali hits the screens in both languages. But this sudden announcement of Katamarayudu releasing on March 29 has thrown Mahesh Babu into trouble.

If Superstar goes for a clash with Powerstar, that would really harm Mahesh 23, which is getting made with a huge budget of 80+ cr. Whereas, Katamarayudu is just another normal budgeted movie which will stand with less amount of risk if a clash happens.

Having said that, Mahesh Babu has to look for a solo release at any cost in order to recover the huge budget. In other words, he has to move his film to April mid time and if that won’t happen, the film will release only after Baahubali -2 slows down.