Pawan Kalyan fan makes Kathi Mahesh liable for his possible suicide

If you are a die hard fan of Pawan Kalyan, never visit any social media profile of Kathi Mahesh. A good advice for your mental health. If you do against our advice, it would boil your blood at some temperature or it would really disturb your mood set. The film critic is never stopping his negative series of posts on Powerstar.

Now he calls Pawan a broker, a money minded joker, someone who never cared for the problems his distributors face and the whole industry faces, a caste minded politician and so on. How hard it would for an admirer of Pawan Kalyan to open Facebook or Twitter or switch on the Television and read to and listen to the unconstructive criticism of Kathi Mahesh 24×7 !

A Pawan Kalyan fan on Twitter has sent a complaint to Hyderabad Police that he is mentally disturbed by the campaign of Kathi Mahesh against Pawan Kalyan and is in thoughts of committing suicide. He adds that Kathi Mahesh should be treated liable for his death.

He (can’t be named) wants to collect signatures from Pawan Kalyan fans on Twitter and collectively lodge a case against Kathi Mahesh with the allegations of mental harassment. Although Kathi Mahesh came across these tweets, he is unmoved. It’s clear, only Pawan Kalyan could possibly stop him.