Pawan Kalyan Beating NTR with disaster talk

You may have arguments over NTR’s competitive market in Telugu states with Pawan Kalyan or Mahesh Babu, but when it comes to Overseas, both MB and PK are way above ahead than other stars including NTR. Both these stars hold the highest number of premier records in overseas and also pinnacle boxoffice pull. Even disasters like Brahmotsavam, Sardaar Gabbar Singh, Spyder and Agnyaathavaasi made into the million dollar club with ease. In fact, both Spyder and Agnyaathavaasi pulled off this feat with premiers itself. Now, that’s the beauty.

Spyder and Jai Lava Kusa had two different word of mouth. But both did the same business in USA market and surprisingly Spyder performed more than NTR’s movie in overseas. Now Pawan is repeating the same feat. Agnyaathavaasi has already crossed Janatha Garage lifetime in overseas and set to cross NTR’s highest grosser in overseas Nannaku Prematho today. All this with disaster talk. A 2 million dollar movie with disaster talk. What if Mahesh or Pawan manages to get positive talk for a film? Sky is the limit. Isn’t it?

But the coin also has the other side. Both Spyder and Agnyaathavaasi are two biggest disasters of all time in overseas too. An unwanted record which NTR never had. The problem with Pawan and Mahesh is this, high pre release business. Hopefully, NTR never falls into the trap.