Okkadu Migiladu review

Film : Okkadu Migiladu
Banner : Padmaja films
Cast : Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose, Suhasini and others
Producers : SN Reddy and Lakshmikanth
Director : Ajay Andrews
Music Director : Siva R Nandigam
Release date : November 10, 2017

What is it about?

Surya (Manoj) is a student with some beliefs and idealogy. He fights for three rape victims who are the students belonging to the same university he studies and residents of a refugee colony. But Surya ended up sitting in jail for the political reasons you know. Anisha Ambrose plays the journalist who helps Surya in his fight and gets him free from the jail. Then Surya comes to know the story behind the formation of refugee colony and the leader who Peter (Manoj) who fought for the survival of these refugees. The rest of the story is all about how Surya got inspired from a leader with similar ideology and how he brought justice to the victims.

Artists and Performances :

Manoj is something when it comes to portraying emotions. Okkadu Migiladu is the right film for his body language but not for his career. There are quite a few scenes where Manoj stands out as an actor. His dialogue delivery is too good for the well written dialogues on how the existence of refugees happen because of division of rule based on religion, language and what not. Anisha Ambrose is okay but looks way too much beautiful for a role which should have been much realistic and grounded. Suhasini has done her bit.

Technical Talk :

Although the background is moderately okay, a song will mesmerise you. There is nothing more to talk about technically about the movie. The camera work should have been much raw or much lavish for the larger than life subject the director has chosen. The camera work doesn’t do justice for the subject. Production values are a big letdown. Editing is dead poor.

Analysis :

As said by the makers, this film revolves around the real incidents happened in Srilanka. The Tamil refugees, LTTE Prabhakaran and what not, you immediately get to know in the flash back that the director is trying to portray the real incidents of Tamil refugees. But unfortunately, not even 5% of the audience sitting in the theaters would know about this history. The director didn’t even bother to explain it in detail. So, there was no chance of getting the picture perfectly. Moreover, the cliche style of filmmaking makes it look even more pale. Only the violence and loud performance of Manoj should provide some sight for the audience. The rest is sigh.

Plus Points :

* Manoj
* Dialogues

Minus Points :

* Cliche filmmaking
* Production values
* Editing
* Loose screenplay

Brief Note :

Good concept but badly made film.

Rating : 2.25/5