Number of ways you can use ice cubes in summer

Summer is officially on. The temperatures are hitting mid thirties with ease. It’s that time, when we are heavily dependent of refrigerators for various reasons. Ice cubes come to the rescue when we are really thirsty to taste the cool of every liquid we take. But ice cubes aren’t meant solely to make your juice as cool as it gets. There are number of other ways ice cubes can come at your help.

* Sun burn is one common risk we are prone to this season. Applying ice cube provides a very cooling and soothing feeling and helps in cooling off sunburn, when applied at the affected area. This gives an instant relief and for that ice cube should be your most sought after remedy for couple of months from here.

* Acne irritates the oily skin a lot in summer. Ice cubes should be your friend in this needy time. Ice helps to close the swollen pores and prevent bacteria from entering your skin. Apply ice everyday without fail to cut down the risk of acne and inflammation.

* This is summer. You (especially boys) just can’t wear clothes in repeats without washing. You know why it is like that. In this sweaty season, washing clothes too often cause wrinkles on your clothes. If in case you are in a hurry to go out, but cannot get rid of those wrinkles on your clothes, rub an ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth before you iron over your wrinkly shirt.

* It’s an old tale. If one applies ice cube on face regularly, a glow on face is guaranteed. This is a handy tip for this season where your face is exposed to dirt, dust and pollution regularly. You would get tan and you would even lose your light complexion. So, keep your refrigerators available with ice cubes.

* A day becomes longer in summer. As long it gets, the more you will get tired. Dehydration makes you feel too pale. So, after a tired long day at work take some ice, wrap it in a soft cloth and rub it over your eyes. This works as an instant stress buster by removing the puffiness in your eyes. Don’t you think that you will feel relaxed with this tip ?