NTR invites Jaleel Khan and KA Paul into Bigg Boss ?

Young Tiger NTR’s debut “Bigg Boss” is already making news with few to several interestingly controversial names attached with the show. As you know, there will be 14 participants in the game lasting for nearly three months and each of them has thier own public face value. Posani Krishna Murali is rumoured to be the first and most important consistent in the show who is reportedly getting paid with 2.5cr. That’s a big bet but worthy one as Posani can easily pull off huge TRP’s in his own style.

Now it is also rumoured that Christian preacher pastor KA Paul has been invited into the show. Adding more spice to the heat, a request has also been sent to very popular TDP leader Jaleel Khan, who is what he is for “B.com lo Physics”. Just imagine a conversation between Posani, Jaleel and KA Paul. If everything falls into place, how entertaining this could be ?

There will be glamour quotient in plenty. Tejaswi Madiwada and Madhu Shalini are already in talks. The makers are also targeting happening anchors like Anasuya and Rashmi Gautam. In addition, actress Hema is expected to join the party.

On a whole, there will be 14 participants in the show. NTR will host the show on weekends. The final and confirmed list will be out soon.