Now you can watch youtube incognito in android

Twitter has a dark theme for night browsing. Although this concept has been introduced long ago in few mobile browsers, the dark theme is first of it’s kind for a big social media platform. This option has received massive applause from the Tweeple. In coming days, you may see a similar feature on Youtube too. The video streaming giant is currently working on such an update. An exciting news but not the most from the lot. There is an even more interesting update waiting for you.

Youtube for Android is set to introduce incognito mode. Yes, you have heard it right. A private browsing tab for Youtube mobile app has been on the demand list for years. The problem with youtube has been the transparency in content viewing. If you have watched an adult content video, the suggestions will be all over your Youtube homepage. It would be embarrassing if someone ever comes across your youtube app. Although you can still turn on and off history and private settings, a dedicated private tab will serve you better. That’s the reason why Youtube Android is coming up with incognito mode. Wait, the update list isn’t over yet.

You need not exactly click on the “Skip the ad” button anymore. Because a simple swipe will skip your ad. This feature is also in the future programme list. Also, a simple change is expected with “Autoplay” feature.

So, Youtube is going to be more fun. You will be able to watch all the adult content in private browsing mode without any hesitation. There will no similar suggestions on your homepage. Just compress your eagerness and wait for the update.