Now you can send money via Gmail app

What demonetization has done ! It forced or inspired the citizens to go digital in payments. The rise of PayTM is highly notable. Today you see people making payments via PayTM in petrol bunks, cinema halls, restaurants and everywhere. Not just that, PayTM is offering you services to send money to bank accounts without charging a single rupee as service charge. That is why PayTM is what it is today. A great news indeed, PayTM , the Indian company started it’s services in Canada. This domination in mobile wallet world has forced Mobikwik, Freecharge and many other mobile wallets to turn economical and it also made Indian government launch it’s own mobile wallet. Today, mobile wallet is a big scale business in India and all over the world.

This trend has attracted the mighty Google. It made Gmail even more flexible with “Google Wallet” where the users are even allowed to send money to banks and payments via this email app. This all new gmail wallet is currently available only in US and works only on android devices. Not just that, it also has some conditions.

This feature works only if the Gmail user is using the official mobile app in his/her android device. Another condition, one cannot send money to a non Gmail user. For example, you cannot send money to a Yahoo user. At the receiving end, the user must be using an Gmail app in his/her mobile. Sounds selfish but this is how a business is carried out. Gmail would soon make Google Wallet available in other parts of the world including India and would also extend it’s services to other mobile operating systems like iOS and Windows.