No.1 pornstar into south movies

Mia Khalifa, the name which still makes men world sleepless and speechless. The name which made many porn filmakers and porn streaming web site owners millionaires overnight. The name which still pulls lakhs of clicks for thousands of Porn websites. The name which is inarguably the biggest brand power in porn industry. Now this 23 year old Lebanon beauty is making her way into South Indian Cinema, Malayalam specifically.

The No.1 pornstar (currently inactive) is reportedly been casted for a special role in a Malayalam film titled “Chunkzz 2”. As confirmed by the director of the film Omar Lulu, Mia Khalifa will also be seen dancing to an item number, besides playing a cameo. Although, the makers have officially announced the news, the former pornography actress is yet to confirm it officially from her side.

Earlier, there were rumours floating that Mia Khalifa would become a part of Bigg Boss (Hindi). But Mia denied being part of Bigg Boss. Hopefully, the similar conclusion isn’t coming this time. Who doesn’t want to see that sensational name on Indian screen? You know how Sunny Leone has become a rage. Mia Khalifa is much bigger star than Sunny Leone in porn industry. Question is, will she overshadow sunny in tinsel town too?