Nithya Menon to play lesbian with lip locks ?

You have never seen Nithya Menon giving close-up shots with her hip or navel, dancing to item numbers, offering some skin show for commercial pull and nothing glamourous in any way. Expecting a lip lock scene from such actress is too much. But she is expected to break the limits? Is she going to act in a lip lock scene? She might do that. But not a typical thing. As you know Nithya Menon is, she would only do that, when you have got the right scene in the right story for her.

Filmnagar is abuzz with the news that Nithya Menon has recently signed a film in which she is expected to play a lesbian. We don’t know who the lady is on the other side but it is heard that we can even expect naturalists kissing scenes in the movie. Let’s remind you again, those scenes will look natural and connected with the emotions two characters are going with. If this is true, Nithya Menon is surely becoming a game changer.

Not many Indian actresses, especially from south played such bold characters. But it would be interesting to see what would the fate of this project if it materialises. There are few to several movies which dealt with homosexual stories and had to face wrath of Indian censor board.