Negative response for Baahubali 2 trailer

Amidst sky high expectations and the attention pan India, the mighty Baahubali 2 trailer has just got dropped in Telugu states theaters and also in Youtube. Initially, the makers were about to release the trailer at 5PM today, but on an unfortunate note, the Tamil trailer got leaked and the unit of Baahubali had nothing left but releasing the trailer on Youtube as soon as possible. That caused an unscheduled release of the trailer. But, how audience have received the trailer matters the most, than at what time it was released.

Unexpectedly, there are mixed reviews about the promo. Many find it not as good as what Baahubali 1 trailer was. VFX is excellent at parts, and poor at times. Shots at 1.54 minutes and 1:52 minutes give an odd feel as the CG work was too bad. Audience feel that even action part is no where close to the war episode of Baahubali – The Beginning. BGM from Keeravani is also not up to the mark. Overall, it’s not a great cut. Having said that, we are not at all belittling the epic franchise, as Rajamouli can never disappoint.

The only concern is, they could have edited the trailer in much better way. But this is just the beginning of promotional campaign. There is another trailer waiting for us. New trailer of Baahubali will get released in April. So folks, keep calm and wait.

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