Was it a publicity stunt from Tamannah?  

The skin show comments from Tamil director Suraj have become headlines for last two days in Tamil Nadu. The film maker was bashed by many for his comments on skin show of heroines in commercial films.

Suraj said that mass audience come to theaters only to watch a hero fight and a heroine expose her skin. For that same reason, he wouldn’t allow costume designer to cover up a heroine’s knees at least. The shorter the clothes are, the bigger the pleasure will be for the audience, Suraj said.

Nayanatara and Tamannah demanded apologies from the director for speaking about actresses in a bad light. It’s clear till here.

Flip side, the gossips in the Tamil Industry say that this entire drama was nothing but a publicity stunt from Katthti Sandai unit for gaining some attention. The film turned out to be a flop at box office, severely beaten by a Hindi film Dangal. This controversy earned some news and attention for the film.