Nara Rohit scored dad of all disasters

Nara Rohit’s delayed film Shankara has finally arrived into theaters yesterday. The film is directed by Thathineni Satya Prakash and produced by KS Rama Rao. It is an official remake of Tamil film Mouna Guru which has been getting delayed for couple of years. At last, this film has hit the screens on October 21.

But Shankara is nothing but a nightmare for Nara Rohit. Believe us, it has collected only 10 dollars from US Premiers. Yes, just $10. If you are hoping that this film would have performed decently at least in Telugu states, you are wrong.

The film has pooled nothing but terrible openings. Deficits started right from the morning shows yesterday. Don’t get us wrong but, today, in Kandukur, the film has collected 500 rupees from the morning show and in Vemala the collection of morning show is 300 rupees. Take any theatre in any region, one could only see deficits for the film. Quite a disturbing stuff for the financial parties involved in the project. The film can be termed as dad of all disasters.