Nani is No.4 and Pawan is No.5 in this boxoffice record list

Name is Nani and Nani is a brand. Who has tasted the large amount of success and who has been the most bankable actor of last 2 years? It’s undeniably Nani. Only Nani can pull a mediocre film like MCA to this humongous boxoffice success. Only Nani can pull a badly reviewed film in USA market. Even Mahesh Babu has got two big flops in recent times in overseas. But the USA audience have been very much loyal to the star. Arguably, he is bigger than Ram Charan and Allu Arjun in the market. Proving his mettle, the actor now stands at No.4 in all time top list of USA gross (Lifetime).

Beginning with 2011 and till date, Nani is 4th biggest Telugu actor in USA. He has comfortably crossed the likes of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Why Prabhas leads the chart with the help of Baahubali franchise, Mahesh Babu is still the King.

Top Telugu Heroes Gross @ USA (reported 2011-2017)

1) Prabhas -$28,762,564 [$28.7 Million]

2) Mahesh Babu -$12,302,878 [12.3 M]

3) NTR -$9,263,727 [9.26M]

4) Nani -$8,414,162 [$8.4M]

5) Pawan Kalyan -$7,151,434 [$7.15 M]

6) Allu Arjun -$6,963,950 [$6.9 M]

7) Ram Charan -$4,025,835 [$4M]