Namitha insults her alleged senior boyfriend

For the last couple of weeks, there has been an interesting rumor doing rounds in both Tamil and Telugu film circles that actress Namitha has entered into a relationship with senior Telugu – Tamil actor Sharath Babu. To our surprise, Sharath Babu ages around 76 and Namitha is just 36. With so much age gap between, this rumor has to be termed a weird one. Don’t know how and why it started, but it has gone viral.

Sharath Babu gently rejected the rumors stating that he has last seen Namitha 8 years ago when he happened to work in a Tamil which also starred Namitha in an important role. Sharath Babu, who got divorced with senior actress Rama Prabha now leaves all alone. The actor hasn’t been seen in movies in a recent while. In his statement, Sharath Babu also added that gossip mongers have created this baseless rumor and Namitha and Sharath are poles apart in every sense. While the senior actor’s reaction for the rumor was so gentle, it was in the other way coming from Namitha.

The actress went harsh on the rumor. Namitha said that she doesn’t know who Sharath Babu is until she googled to know whom she has been linked up with. Reportedly, she also added that how come an old guy would become her boyfriend. Now, that’s way too harsh if she really expressed something like that. Sharath Babu has acted in hundreds of Telugu and Tamil films and holds a very respectable image in both the industries. This is not a right way to react to a rumor. Isn’t it?