Nagarjuna asked distributors to buy tickets to make Hello reach $1M ?

At times, it is really a sad state of affairs to see movie makers play tricks for unimportant boxoffice numbers. Especially in overseas, this has become a common thing. When Nannaku Prematho was about to stop at a close distance of $2M, producers arranged a special fans shows with hiked ticket prices and made the film cross $2M. The same NTR camp recently forced Jai Lava Kusa into 1cr gross club at main theater, X roads, Hyderabad. Now, Annapurna Studios is doing the same.

Apparently, Nagarjuna has asked the US distributors of Hello to get it to Million mark this weekend by buying tickets out of their pocket. Abiding the command, distributors even reached out to desi theaters in Atlanta, Chicago, Bay Area and Dallas and did around $10k-$15k worth of cash sales.

This shows how desperate producers and heroes are to stamp their mark in Overseas by doing gimmicks. All this because, they want to use goodwill may to gain advantage in the next movie by showing collections of previous movie and demand more for Overseas theatrical rights.

As of Tuesday, Hello has raked $970, 512 from USA boxoffice. A 30k gross more from here will push the film into $1M club. But you can’t hide the fact that Hello is a failure at boxoffice.