Nagachaitanya – Samantha spotted in late night party

The future husband and wife from Tollywood, Akkineni Nagachaitanya and Samantha have already made thier relationship status official. With no more hiding necessities, the couple have been going free and fun in Hyderabad these days.

It’s not new, they do get spotted hanging out very often. And now, a footage of Samantha and Nagachaitanya is out on internet, in which the couple are seen partying hard in a Hyderabad pub. Samantha was seen dancing to her mood and conversing with her boyfriend with grin on face. Nagachaitanya was at his usual cool.

The star couple are going to get engaged and married very next year. It sounds surprising but Nagachaitanya will ring wedding bells only after his younger brother Akhil breaks his bachelorhood with Shriya Bhupal, a Hyderabad based fashion designer.