Pic Talk:Monk caught fondling girl breast

A Thai Buddhist monk is criticised for fondling a naked woman’s breasts in Thailand. The picture that is being widely shared is creating outrage among women and netizens.The image was posted on Facebook last week and has since been viewed by thousands of people . The lewd act is drawing severe condemnation from Thai people.

Buddhisht monks are forbidden to touch a woman and the Thai monk’s picture shows the monk violating the law of monkhood according to Buddhism. Many of the people were angry at the celibate monk breaking a key vow.But the woman in the photo has come forward to say she was born a man and is undergoing hormone therapy .She said that the monk is completely innocent.

The young woman said that she is a transgender who underwent hormone treatment.According to buddhism in a blessing ceremony monk will write messages on males chest while for women it will be written on forehead. She believed the monk had no wrong because her body was still technically male, despite having enlarged breasts.