Missionary $ex position is boring? Find what women have to say

“THE CLASSIC MISSIONARY $EX POSITION”, even if you don’t know the name, you know the procedure. More than 95% $ex sessions are conducted through this one single position. For a valid reason, it is called as the Classic. From ages, men and women have been comfortable with this position. Have you ever wondered if or not the modern women are fed up with the over usage of this $ex position? Aren’t they bored of this? Find out the answers given by 5 real women in a lifestyle magazine.

Woman 1 : “I would not say I got bored of this but I will agree on the part that it has been overused. Somewhere down the line, you feel for a fresh position but it has been something which we are comfortable with. If you want to come out of the comfort zone and try something different, you can make a trail”.

Woman 2 : “No, not at all. I still enjoy the missionary although I try the cowgirl on my man quite regularly. I still enjoy the missionary, the man dominating and taking the control. I love that because I am a bit lazy to take things on my shoulders, I mean on my knees.”