Men also go through casting couch – says top heroine

What’s the most common thing between Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and all other movie industries irrespective of their standard of film film making, reach and popularity? Isn’t it the casting couch? Actresses in Hollywood face casting couch and so does a starlet in southern cinema. It’s everywhere. But on women go through such terrible times? Priyanka Chopra reveals an interesting thing that not just women, even men undergo such things in the tinsel town.

“Men also go through casting couch. It’s the lower people who want to take to advantage of the struggling new comers. Big directors and producers never do such things. I have been lucky to work with good people in the industry” said Priyanka gracing a reality show as chief guest for the day.

So, contrary to the popular belief that only actresses are asked to share thier beds for offers, even men at times have to offer something for offers. But who ask men these things? There are very less number of female producers and filmakers by the way.