Masala Review


Rahman [Ram] stays with his sister Sania [Anjali] and they lose a property case, which makes them relocate to Bheemarajupuram. With the help of his uncle Narayana [M S Narayana], Rahman gets job at Balaram[Venkatesh] place. But Rahman falls into a situation where he lie his name as Ram to Balaram. And from here on Rahman plays a double role to cover his lie which keeps on adding new characters into his life. Rest of the story is formed how Rahman keeps lying to Balaram ans comic situations which arise during that time.


Venatesh has nailed the comedy scenes in the movie and especially his butler English dialogues will entertain you every time when they flash out. Venky was good in action scenes and this time being a comedy centric film less sentiment scenes are given to him.

Ram has done is part right, which was supporting Venky’s character throughout the film. But his guy comedy looked neat, he managed to dance and fight a bit, making his contribution to movie run-time. Anjali role was short but sweet, she hinted getting ready for some skin show in future and her chemistry with Venky in songs appeared nice.

Shazahn Padamsee is there only for character sake of second heroine, she lost her charm and a big miss fit in the film. Jaya Prakash Reddy, Ali and M S Narayana entertain you with their comedy. Special mention for Kovai Sarala, she did her part with ease and her dance moves are funny along with her character in the movie.

Technical Department

Vijay Bhaskar director was not bad and his screenplay was also kind of alright. He made comedy as solo motto of the film and left behind many other aspects. There are so many unfinished characters in the film, he just made a Xerox copy of Bol Bachchan with minute changes.

Anil Ravipudi dialogues are good and few English translations are hilarious. Thaman’s music sounded very low, only two songs are impressive and his background music is not up to the mark compared to his previous films.

Cinematography by Andrew looked beautiful and Meenakshi Meenakshi & Ninnu Chuddani songs looked topnotch in big screen. Fights by Ram-Laxman masters lacked their personal touch as almost all action episodes were taken from Bol Bachchan.


There is no big story in the movie and entire film runs on the concept of how one lie leads to multiple lies and comedy generated between those situations. For comedy film lovers Masala will be a treat, must watch but for a regular audience it’s more of time pass movie rather than must watch. Venaktesh had shouldered the entire film and he makes you laugh with his butler English dialogues inked by Anil Ravipudi and his comedy timing was comedy timing was entertaining as always. Ram has got over shadowed in the film but made his presences felt in audience mind.

For those who already saw Bol Bachchan , Masala looks boring as maximum scenes were taken without a single change. But director gave little Telugu touch to the film and Venky’s funny dialogues will cover them a bit. There are many enjoyable moments in the film and you will be laughing out loud making your every penny paid for you with comedy. TeluguStop Rating:3.25/5