Marrying Pawan was impulsive decision – Renu Desai

Although Renu Desai was dating Pawan Kalyan much before they got married, the former actress said that it was an impulsive decision to get married. In other words, she married Powerstar in a hurry and all of sudden manner without any cautious approach. This statement may not sound good for the loyal fans of Pawan Kalyan but it is what his ex wife has said about him in a recent interview.

As you know, Pawan Kalyan was in pressure to marry Renu for obvious reasons (they had their first child Akira in 2004). Five years after Akira born, Pawan tied knot with Renu in 2009 and the couple had their second child Aadhya in 2010. However, the relationship didn’t last long as they both parted ways in 2013. May be, because of this, such statement came from Renu.

In a rapid fire round of the very same interview, Renu rated 4/10 for Pawan Kalyan as a husband. She stated that he is a very average