Manam is a stupid film – Legend is a social message film

TDP government is receiving the bashing from all around for the surprising/shocking choices it has made in selecting the Nandi Award winners. It’s 2014, which is majorly responsible for the controversy and debate over the Nandi. As you have been informed, Balakrishna – Boyapati’s Legend received 9 Nandi Awards in different categories including best film, best actor, and best director. Manam was sidelined and has been awarded as the second best film.

A leading TV channel brought up the jury member Prasanna Kumar for a talk on the selection and his defending logic on Legend vs Manam did nothing but hurt the reputation of TDP and Nandi Awards even more. He said something like this, “Manam is a film based on rebirths. It’s impractical and far away from reality. Another side, Legend is a film with a social message. The film ran for 1170 days. It deserves the award for such appreciation”. Now, these comments have become trolling material for the Netizens.

The 1170 days of Legend (in a Kurnool theater) isn’t any miracle. Speaking facts, it was forced by the loyal Balakrishna fans over there. “The question is, how that run should become criteria in selecting the best film? If Manam is far away from reality, what the bouncy fights in Legend are?” the question which is going through many minds.

For the greater good of TDP, Prasanna Kumar should never have participated in a debate with such weird logic. After all, a film is basically a fiction.