Major signs of blood cancer

The word blood cancer itself sounds fatal. It is a fatal disease, a combination of disease actually. This is called as leukemia and it injects cancer causing cells in lymphatic system and blood. It reduces the count of hemoglobin and platelets making our life hard. The problem with leukemia is, it spreads the cancer causing cells at deathly speed. You just have to identify the problem before it gets complicated. How to spot, you ask. These are the major symptoms.

* Night sweats are dangerous. If you are waking up drenched in the sweat even in an air conditioned or spacious room, it could be a sign of leukemia. Do not neglect this sign. Consult your doctor immediately.

* Feet could swell. It could happen because of the water content or it could be a sign of blood cancer. In addition, you would face a severe chest pain regularly.