Mahesh Kathi political film against Pawan Kalyan?

The Mahesh Kathi rant Pawan Kalyan is going beyond many levels. The film critic isn’t stopping his stand agaist Jansena President and his ideology. Kathi Mahesh participated in TV interviews and has spoken his views on Pawan Kalyan. He then changed his platform to social media and the fuss is just going and going on.

In latest update, Kathi Mahesh is going to make political satire film. “I am happy to announce that, my next film has started. It’s a ‘political satire’ based on present political scenario in India. Shoot will commence in January. Script work is on. A formal launch will happen before shoot.” the Bigg Boss contestant tweeted.

Going by his recent political stand, the film would mostly be an arrow at the head of Jansena and Pawan Kalyan. People are bound to expect this from his film.

Speculations say, Kathi Mahesh is deliberately making this movie against Pawan and in support of YS Jagan. It is heard that he is being funded by YSRCP and the movie will also be bankrolled by the same. However, the reality is still unclear.