Mahesh Kathi calls her Pawan Kalyan’s girlfriend

Actress Poonam Kaur has taken a dig at Kathi Mahesh yesterday defending Pawan Kalyan and attacking Mahesh’s negative propaganda against the star. In a verbal battle, the actress went on calling him fatso and suggested him to join weight loss programme instead of keeping himself busy with criticising others.

Kathi Mahesh has reacted to all this. He termed Poonam Kaur as Pawan Kalyan’s girlfriend who is returning him back for the favour he did by referring her as textile saree ambassador for Andhra Pradesh government. “Poonam Kaur doesn’t have a good career. She is in scarcity of offers. Pawan Kalyan did favour to her by referring her to AP government. She is just paying him back now” says Kathi.

Mahesh has also declared an open challenge for Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur. He declared himself ready for an open debate with both of them combined. He also warned that he would reveal the secrets of Pawan and Poonam if they ever dare to participate in an argument with him.