Mahesh Babu’s plan is to match up Pawan and NTR in weak area

There is no doubt, Mahesh Babu is one of the biggest crowd pullers in Indian Cinema. Of course, he holds the biggest worldwide market in current generation star heroes (Non-Baahubali). His movies do a pre release business of 150-170cr. The satellite rights of his movies are sold for record prices. He owns many boxoffice records, including the biggest grosser for this generation star heroes and also the first one from the current lot to score an industry hit. Irrespective of success and failures, he is continuing the Superstardom and loyal fan base uneffected.

Having said that, Mahesh Babu has his weakness too. Doesn’t matter how hard this looks for an admirer but Mahesh Babu doesn’t hold a good track in ceded area, which is Rayalaseema. Inarguably, this is his weakest trade area. He neither has an opening day record nor a lifetime record in Ceded. Even record breaking blockbusters like Pokiri and Dookudu failed to stand as the highest grosser in this particular area. Now there are enough reasons to state that Mahesh lags behind Pawan Kalyan and NTR in ceded.

In order to overcome this weakness, Mahesh Babu internationally planned a movie with Boyapati Srinu, who is a brand in ceded, says a source. There is nothing wrong in that. NTR has done a Sukumar film to impress class audience and now getting into a Trivikram’s celluloid for a grip on overseas market.