Mahesh Babu risks his life in stunts for Spyder

Superstar Mahesh Babu and risky stunts .. the noun and the verb are seen in single sentence right from the beginning of his career as a child artists. Even before entering into his teenage, the Prince did some risky stunts with Horse and bike in his childhood films. When he restarted his career as a lead actor, he had the same enthusiasm and commitment. His stunts in Takkari Donga were so jaw dropping that even international media placed those risky shots in their mentions.

A decade passed, Mahesh is still the same. As told by Rupin Suchak, the production designer of Spyder in his recent interview, Mahesh Babu has risked his life to perform action sequences in the film. He didn’t use body doubles or dupes even by knowing how dangerous it could turn, even at a minor mistake.

“Spyder will have an international treatment and the visuals will be extremely stylish. Mahesh Babu did some fabulous stunts which we never thought an actor could do. But, he did it all by himself without any body double. He has taken it to another league. There’s a sequence where even stunt doubles were scared of it. But he went ahead and delivered it”, Rupin Suchak told to PTI.

For all those concerned Superstar fans, Mahesh is doing fine with his body even after performing those stunts. He is safe and healthy. As scheduled earlier, Spyder, directed by AR Murugadoss will release on June 23, 2017.