Mahesh Babu rejects Boyapati for this director ?

It’s been an age, since Mahesh Babu has done an out an out mass entertainer. Aagadu which carried sky high expectations and all the required mass elements, somehow it didn’t perform because of a weak script. But Aagadu was record breaking opener and have had a massive weekend. This is what Mahesh Babu fans have been feeling for. Last of his two films were not record openers as they don’t carry any mass appeal. While fans are concerned for the form of the Superstar, Mahesh Babu is expected to stick to his comfort zone.

14 reels entertainment, the production house which is trying hard to pay a visit back to financially good days, has been in discussions with Mahesh Babu and Boyapati Srinu, the actor and director who delivered blockbusters like Dookudu and Legend respectively for the banner. While Boyapati is ever ready to make a film with the Superstar, it’s Mahesh Babu who is been off and on with the collaboration.

As per latest reports, Mahesh Babu has liked a line narrated by Sukumar recently and the star is very much interested to do another movie with the filmaker after 1-Nenokkadine. It is expected that Sukumar would replace Boyapati for the project. As you know, the same 14 reels produced the phycological thriller which ended up as a disaster.

The production house is already in slump. They desperately want their favourite hero to act in a Boyapati movie who would ensure minimum guarantee on the recovery. But Mahesh Babu has different thoughts.