Mahesh Babu Fans crated world record

Yes, what you have read is absolutely correct. Superstar Mahesh Babu fans have created a world record. PrinceMahesh.Com, a fan page and website run by Mahesh Babu fans has hit 5 Million likes on Facebook. Having crossed the milestone, this facebook page has emerged as the biggest fan page for any celebrity in Asia and 3rd biggest fan page in the world.

Here is the list of Top Facebook fan pages in the world : (as on 15-10-2016)

1 )RonaldoCR7.Com – 14M+ likes

2) Justin Bieber- Never Say Never UK – 6.6M+ likes

3) – 5M+ likes

4) Leo Messi Fans – 3.3M+ likes

5) Rihanna Navy – 2.3M+ likes

6) Justin Bieber Turkiye – 2.1M+ likes

7) Justin Bieber Dontickle Vid – 2M+ likes

8) Vin Diesel Fans – 1.9M+ likes

9) Aamir Khan the Pucca Idiot – 1.9M+ likes

10) SRK universe – 1.8M+ likes

Other than Mahesh Babu, Aamir Khan and Sharukh Khan are the only Indian actors to have fan pages with most likes in world top 10 list.