60% Polling In Maa Elections

Finally, the much hyped MAA elections have come to an end. At the end, 394 votes polled to elect the next president. The only disappointment for many is that the stars did not turn up in the election. The top actors, directors and few others did not turn up at the election. The reason many are saying is that there is no holiday for the shootings and as a result they have skipped it. The only actor in the top league who attended the election is none other than Balakrishna Nandamuri.

Both Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha are equally in the game as voters are literally split into two. Some supported the Muralimohan backed Jayasudha panel for their experience and women power, while others voted for Rajendra Prasad’s honest nature. The election was completed but the results will be announced only after the court gives the verdict. The actors were seen with happy faces and both the panel members also seen moving close inspite of their statements on each other.